Blockchain Enabled Payments Technology

Blockchain enabled Wallet and Payments technology

Blockstar is a full stack digital currencies wallet and payment provider serving the needs of both Consumers and Merchants.

Our App allows consumers to easily acquire digital currency and then use it to pay for goods and services.

Our B2B stack allows merchants to accept digital currencies as payment within a fully regulated and secure product environment.


Accept any cryptocurrency as payment on our secure wallet infrastructure


Payment Infrastructure




Our Zumo Wallet is a fully distributed cryptocurrency wallet architected for maximum transactional and user security.

Wallet transaction data is encrypted by default, and we do not store private keys, ensuring maximum security for all users.


Smart Contracts

Seamless integration into blockchain via API 

Fully audited transaction history

Customisable to multiple transaction models 



The Blockstar team has over 50 years collective experience in product development, commercialisation and scaling.